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Understanding the ins and outs of Medicare enrollment for the first time can be stressful and overwhelming.

With confusing options such as Medicare Part A, Part B, Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans; it is no wonder many individuals exploring Medicare enrollment feel lost and bewildered about what choices to make. Navigating this intricate system alone can lead to costly mistakes and undue stress when you are ill and absolutely must access the best health care services.

But don’t worry — I’m here to help and my services are free of charge to you.
Steven Raichilson

Steve Raichilson
Owner, Raichilson Medicare Advisory

Your trusted Medicare partner

I believe that as people approach retirement or age 65, they should have a solid financial and health insurance plan to receive the very best quality of life as they may become more dependent on medical and health care providers. As an experienced hospital administrator and now Medicare advisor, I am dedicated to helping guide my clients through the confusing maze of Medicare choices so they can choose the best Medicare options for their own particular situation.

While serving for over thirty years as the Chief Executive Officer of the largest senior living healthcare campus in Ohio, I developed and managed diverse health care services directed to Medicare clients, including post hospital rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home health, assisted living, hospice, physician services, diagnostic services, pharmacy services and dialysis.

During this time, I experienced firsthand on countless occasions, the many mistakes people made when selecting their Medicare coverages, which ultimately limited their options for the best care and cost them large sums of money for Medicare deductibles and co pays. I became an early champion of selecting the correct Medicare coverages as people age and became a licensed Medicare specialist and agent, so that I could advise clients about how to select the most feasible and affordable Medicare insurance options for their present and future medical care needs.
Call me at (216) 870-3828 or email me at sraichilson@raichilson.com to get our discussion started.
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Experience the benefits of working with a trusted Medicare advisor


Gain peace of mind knowing you have made well informed decisions about your Medicare options.


Avoid unnecessary expenses by selecting the most cost-effective Medicare plans which meet your needs.


Say goodbye to confusion and frustration. Navigate the Medicare process effortlessly.

Plus, my Medicare consulting services are 100% FREE to you!

I will help you understand the ins and outs of the Medicare system:

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Application Process

Learn how to apply to Social Security for your Medicare Number and Card

parts of medicare icon

Parts of Medicare

Know the differences between Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D

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Figure out and budget for your Medicare Part B premium payable to Social Security

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Traditional vs. Advantage

Know the differences between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage

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Shop for the most economical and cost-effective Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans

copays and deductables icon

Copays & Deductibles

Understand your copays and deductibles which you may have to pay for

switching options icon

Switching Options

Learn about when in the future it may be possible for you switch into different Medicare options from your first choices.

options when employed icon

Options When Employed

Consider your options if you continue working past age 65 and qualify for employer health benefits.

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Praise from past clients:

"...a pleasure to work with and answers all my questions promptly. Integrity is extremely important to me and I will recommend Steve to everyone."
Hugh M.
"What a fortunate phone call! Steve is deeply knowledgeable, highly responsive, and a pleasure to work with. In short order I had changed to a plan that is a much better fit for me."
Marla G.
"Steve was knowledgeable, diligent, responsive and extremely helpful in assisting us to find the right plan. With his background in healthcare, he knows his stuff."
Craig F.

How it works

The 5 steps of working with Raichilson Medicare Advisory:

Step 1


I start by learning about your health care and Medicare needs and goals. Based on your 65th birthday and/or your retirement planning, we jointly determine when you would like your Medicare coverages to start.

Step 2


Knowledgeable about you and your Medicare needs, I explain the Medicare program in full, and simplify complex Medicare information into easy-to-understand jargon-free language. I break down Medicare options and choices for you and discuss possible financial costs of your Medicare Part B premiums, and costs for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

Step 3

Formal Recommendation/ Proposal for Medicare Coverages

I then act as your trusted guide and offer my personal recommendations and proposal for the most prudent and cost-effective Medicare choices for you, based on your personal circumstances. I will help you make an informed decision based on quality of Medicare coverage options, freedom to use your current medical providers, financial cost, and flexibility and freedom if you desire to use new medical providers.

Step 4


Once you’ve decided on your Medicare choices, I fully write up your enrollment applications for your plan selections and submit them to the appropriate Medicare insurance carriers. I take care of all the paperwork and ensure a smooth transition for you into your new Medicare plans.

Step 5


Our relationship certainly doesn’t end after I secure your Medicare enrollments. I provide my clients with ongoing, free support; to answer your Medicare coverage questions, and to help you troubleshoot if you encounter coverage problems. I will also always assist you if you want to explore different Medicare coverage options from what you initially decided on. You will always have me as your FREE, personal Medicare coach.

Don’t let the complexities of Medicare hold you back from receiving the very best coverages you deserve.

Contact me today to schedule a FREE consultation. Together we can make a plan to unlock the full potential of your new Medicare coverage options.

Call me at (216) 870-3828 or email me at sraichilson@raichilson.com